The comments listed below were written voluntarily by class and workshop participants on evaluation forms following one of Dr. Bill Baker’s presentations. The comments are reflective of the general reactions people share about his work.


Comments about the “Growing Healthy Relationships” classes (2003/2007)

“Bill Baker was extremely knowledgeable and an excellent facilitator.”“You have put so much into your lessons. Videos were very good. Even enjoyed your silly jokes.

Enjoyed the video and music before class. Your presentation was very good.”

“Helped me face my personal problems with a greater focus on the Bible first. Recognizing that we all face similar problems and issues in life.”
“Very interesting. Bible-based. Good mixture of abstract and concrete concepts.”
“Christian-oriented values toward relationships. The class was excellent as presented.”
“Lessons were very timely and applicable. Today’s families need more of this. Super class!”
“It reinforces many things that I was already aware. Bill is always an encouragement to anyone he comes into contact with. This class would be very helpful to young couples that have been married for a short time. It would also be great before marriages.”

Comments about the “Think on These Things” (Healthy Thinking and Healthy Living) classes (2004)
“The lessons were easily applied to my everyday life. Great class! Thanks so much for the time and effort you placed into making this class so helpful and enjoyable.”
“Research shows that the least effective way to teach is lecture. I appreciate that you did not just stand in front of your audience and lecture. . .you engaged the class in an authentic learning experience. I also appreciate what we studied. You brought it home, life application, real life-real world experiences. Therefore you helped give us real tools and strategies to help cope with and grow in our Christian journey. Thank you.”
“The real world application to the lessons. The sense that we are all in this together. The humor! The great presentation.”
“Bill’s excitement is contagious! Very upbeat!”
“Bill was wonderful. We could use more classes like this on putting Bible principles and commands to actual everyday use. So helpful!”
“The teacher, the humor, the material. Bill Baker is a wonderful teacher and his message is crystal clear. Don’t change a thing!”
“The most helpful part of this class was the Biblical insight to problems and struggles that I face on a continual basis and solutions to help deal with life on a daily basis. You are truly a blessing to have teaching this class!”
“Bill did a great job. He always kept your attention with visual aids or laughter. Many thanks for your time and talent. May God bless you as you have blessed this class.”
“I felt you were so prepared as a teacher that our time was very beneficial and productive. I especially liked getting practical tips/advice sprinkled with humor.”
“I enjoyed this class more than any other class I have attended. Bless you for your ability and your heart.”
“Bill, you are a great teacher. I really enjoy your illustrations and props. They help to visually reinforce the lessons.”
“Each class had something beneficial for me.”

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