“Living with Loss:  Roadmaps for Dealing with Death”

Throughout life each one of us experiences various forms of personal loss. These losses may be difficult, especially when the loss involves the death of someone close to us. In this workshop Dr. Baker examines the potential for hurt caused by such losses and why some people suffer more than others, especially in regard to secondary losses.  Participants explore possible reactions to loss and potential steps for experiencing the grief process effectively. The workshop provides a discussion of the roadmap for healing and for adjusting to the changes caused by the loss. (Length: 3 hours)

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“Living with Loss:  Roadmaps for Coping with Divorce”
Most people suffer deeply when going through an unwanted divorce. The loss is often devastating and impacts multiple aspects of the person’s life. The presence of children intensifies the stress. If at all possible, divorce should be prevented. However, if a divorce does occur, the people involved need to work through it as thoroughly as they can to minimize the negative fallout. . 

In this workshop Dr. Baker provides helpful information about the divorce process, encourages personal insight, recommends various resources, and suggests practical ways through which the individual can heal and survive. Having and using an effective roadmap can make the difference between staying stuck in the divorce pit versus being able to move forward toward a meaningful life.  (Length:  3 hours) 

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“Living with Loss:  Roadmaps for Surviving the Holidays”
“How in the world can we get through the holidays?” The young mother agonized over this question as she explored the implications of the sudden death of her daughter. That mother is not alone. Many of us know the pain of heavy loss, whether by death or divorce. Following such terrible losses, the upcoming special days and holidays can be especially hard, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas. Most people with such losses desperately need a roadmap for surviving the holidays.

In this workshop Dr. Baker helps the participants in the development of a roadmap they can use to get through the holidays safely. He discusses the process of loss, grief, and healing.  The participants examine the ways through which other people with similar losses have survived. They discuss several types of preparation which are needed, and they begin the formulation of a personal plan of action. (This workshop is usually scheduled for September--November just prior to the end-of-year holidays. Length: 3 hours)

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