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“Traveling Together:  The Roadmap for Growing Healthy Relationships”
“My relationship journey is a huge mess and I don’t know how to fix it.”  Can you identify with this frank admission—and its frustration? Most of us can.  We all understand the hurt and pain which result from relationship messes.  Yes, we know the misery. Yet most of us prefer to travel through life with other people in some type of human relationship rather than always traveling alone.
 People in the world and in the church need solutions which can resolve current relationship messes and also help prevent additional messes in the future.  The typical answers offered by the world provide only a semblance of help, or they actually may magnify our mess. We look to the church for help yet may be disappointed by the lack of interest or the limited resources.  Frustrated and stressed, people everywhere continue to experience relationship misery. In our pain we hear ourselves asking an important and even critical question:  “What’s the right and best way for me to find a relationship solution which will work effectively for any generation of people?”
 In our search for a relationship solution we have two basic choices:  consulting the created or consulting the creator. We have consulted the created (“Dr. World”) with little success.  Simply, human beings do not have the solutions within their own wisdom.  Alternatively, we can consult the one who both designed and created us for relationships—Jesus, the Relationship Master.  Through his life and teachings Jesus has given us a roadmap or model for relationship success.  As the “Wonderful Counselor” (Isa. 9:6), Jesus wants to help us—and, more importantly, he knows how to help us!  As our supreme Travel Guide, Jesus’ description of his ability encourages us: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” (John 14:6)
Previewing the Workshop
In the “Growing Healthy Relationships” workshop participants will explore a Seven Step Biblical Model for Relationship Renewal.  These important steps are seven principles which emerged from the presenter’s extensive study of Jesus’ life and teachings.  When understood and applied, these principles will promote and increase desired relationship health. The presenter will also explore several related topics which will guide participants in the application of the Seven Step Model. 
 This workshop utilizes a variety of didactic, discussion, and interactive approaches to help participants understand these vital principles and learn to use them in their own relationships.  The Power Point presentations make the material more interesting and help the participants learn more effectively. The specific learning methods actually used and the amount of attention given to specific topics will depend upon the scheduled length and format chosen for the particular workshop being conducted.
Previewing the Material
Part One—The Paradigm:  Searching for Solutions
*Struggling with Relationship Stress
*Solving Relationship Struggles with Jesus’ Solution
Part Two—The Pattern: Studying Jesus’ Solution
*Seven Steps (Principles) for Relationship Renewal
Part Three—The Path:  Selecting Jesus’ Solution
*Surveying Relationships in Jesus’ Church
*Supporting True Core Beliefs about Relationships
*Securing Health in our Relationships
*Sustaining Health in our Relationships
“Let’s Communicate! (Roadmaps for Effective Talking and Listening)”

“How can we have a healthy relationship if we can’t even communicate?” Great question! Whether we’re developing a friendship, dating someone, strengthening our marriage, or relating to our children, we need to have positive communication skills. Good communication involves effective talking and effective listening. This workshop will help you learn some of these necessary skills. The format contains both didactic and interactional components as participants work individually and with a Learning Partner. The length of the workshop is usually six hours (two 3-hour sessions). 

“Let’s Negotiate! (Roadmaps for Handling Anger and Conflict)”
 No relationship can survive, let alone be healthy, if the two people involved are not able to handle anger effectively and resolve conflict constructively. In every relationship some differences and disagreements will occur, and the potential for anger and conflict may be high. Participants in this workshop will explore several important anger management skills and will learn key conflict resolution tools. The material is designed for adults (individuals and couples) and older teenagers who want to develop a better roadmap to follow in their relationship journeys. (Length:  one 3-hour session or two 3-hour sessions.  The length chosen by the host group will determine the amount and depth of the material covered.)  
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