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Baker, Bill J. (2010) “Final Words:  Completing our Journey”
      Article/Blog #1401 published on this website.*
Baker, Bill J. (2011) “Compelled by Compassion”
      Article/Blog #1402 published on this website.*

*These articles written by Dr. Bill Baker are available on this current website in the Blogs section. Starting from the Home Page, click on the Blogs tab and scroll through the list of blogs, page by page, until you find the article you want. Or you can use the Search tool on the Home Page to locate the article. Or, under the Resources tab click on the "Published Articles" for a complete list of available articles.There is an audio version available for every blog, and a relevant video clip is available for selected blogs.


World Bible School:  or  - The World Bible School program provides free Bible study courses by mail or on-line. The courses are Bible-centered and help students to gain an accurate understanding of the Scriptures. Through this program thousands of students from many countries have found a valuable source of study for spiritual growth.
NationsUniversity:  (E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) -  Many students who complete the World Bible School coursework (described above) choose to enroll in NationsUniversity. Most receive cost-free credit coursework in Biblical Studies. This program is a marvelous opportunity for Bible students to gain an additional in-depth knowledge of Scriptures. Regarding the cost of the studies, the following information is quoted from their website.

“NationsUniversity charges no fees and no tuition for students living outside the United States or for those who are incarcerated within the U.S.  All United States residents who are not incarcerated are charged an annual administrative fee of $100, due the date of registration and on every anniversary thereafter that the student is active.  NU does not charge tuition or transcript fees.” (NU Website) 

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