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Baker, Bill J. (2011) “Heaven:  Searching for a City”
      Article/Blog #1004 published on this website.*

Baker, Bill J. (2011) “Death: Managing the Mystery”
      Article/Blog #1003 published on this website.*

Baker, Bill J. (2010) “Living with Loss:  Surviving the Holidays”
      Article/Blog #1002 published on this website.*

Baker, Bill J. (2010).“The Journey through Grief"                                                                                              

       Article/Blog #1001 published on this website.*

The journey through grief is an unwelcomed journey, a “grief road trip” that usually seems very difficult to travel and impossible to complete. How can we travel safely toward our destination when we hit this “roadblock” of loss and grief? How can we develop a workable roadmap that will direct us safely home? This article by Dr. Baker provides four survival components in the form of a “4-H Grief Club.” The reader will explore practical tools and will receive important encouragement toward healing and recovery.

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