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  Baker, Bill J. (2013) “Divorce:  The Road to Recovery”
                  Article/Blog #1102 published on this website.*

  Baker, Bill J. (2013) “Divorce:  Helping Our Children Survive”
                  Article/Blog #1101 published on this website.*

  Baker, Bill J. (2013) “Divorce:  Discerning Your Decision”
                     Article/Blog #302 published on this website.*  

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SUPPORT GROUPS:  Many people going through divorce find a great deal of strength, encouragement, and education in Divorce Recovery Support Groups. Many churches provide such support groups as a part of their ongoing service to local communities. You can check with the churches in your area to see which ones do provide Divorce Recovery activities. Two well-known programs are Beginning Experience and DivorceCare. Provided below are the links to their respective websites. You can do a search on each website for their support group activities in your geographical region.

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