Audio Travel Guides Part 3 

Category:  Divorce Recovery


Blog #1101: “Divorce:  Helping Our Children Survive" (Length: 30:53 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)DivorceAffectKids

The Divorce Highway is very difficult for most children to travel. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker discusses the impact of divorce upon children and recommends that parents work harder to help their children survive the divorce experience. He explores three key areas of survival (feelings, needs, and struggles) and provides several resources that parents can use in the divorce recovery process.







Blog #1102: “Divorce:  The Road to Recovery" (Length: 42:00 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


For most people divorce recovery is a difficult and challenging journey to complete. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker presents a seven-step roadmap for traveling Divorce Recovery Road. He also explores five related issues that merit special attention. Several relevant resources are identified which can assist individuals in their recovery efforts.


​Category:  The Later Years

Blog #1201: “Aging (1):  Accept Your Longevity!" (Length: 24:00 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Aging is a natural process in our journey through life. In this audio presentation on the subject of aging Dr. Bill Baker discusses the acceptance of longevity in terms of three important tasks related to the later years:  discerning the losses and limits, disarming the lies and labels, and discovering the leisure and liberty. He also recommends the use of laughter and levity through positive humor as an effective tool for improving the journeyalong the Seniors Highway. 



​Blog #1202: “Aging (2):  Grow in Learning!" (Length: 24:43 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Life-long learning is important in every period of life, including the decades of aging inherent in the later years. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores the need to continue learning so that meaningful growth will accompany the aging process. He recommends growth in wisdom, worth, and wellness as the senior adult strives to maintain a balanced lifestyle characterized by practical stewardship and personal safeguards. 


Blog #1203: “Aging (3):  Engage with Life!!" (Length: 25:49 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


The aging process is easier and better when senior adults stay actively engaged with life. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker highlights the rights of seniors to engage life and then explores the risks and roles of engagement. He recommends that travelers on the Seniors Highway develop and practice positive rules of engagement that will improve and safeguard their journey through the later years.


Category:  Mental Health

 Blog #1301: “Depression Detour” (6.51 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Depression. It’s an emotional state which could indicate that a major detour in your relationship travels is rapidly approaching. A healthy relationship journey assumes (and even requires) that both relationship partners are reasonably healthy as individuals, especially in regard to mental and emotional health. Any serious health problem can become a significant detour for the total relationship and can take the travelers off-course and into unexpected areas. If you suspect that you may be struggling with depression, you'll want to hear this Travel Guide which discusses depression symptoms and treatment options.


Blog #1302: “Anchors for Anxiety - Part 1” (20 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

How can a person prevent the reoccurrence of unwanted anxiety or panic attacks? This important question is explored by Dr. Baker as he discusses the role of fear as a feeder of anxiety. Fear is fed or determined by the levels of harm, probability, and incompetence assigned by the individual to potential physical or emotional threats. Suggestions are provided for the prevention of anxiety through accurate assessments of these "feeders of anxiety" and through the development and use of personal anchors. This Audio Travel guide can help equip anxiety strugglers to decrease the frequency, intensity, and duration of panic attacks.




Blog #1303: “Anchors for Anxiety - Part 2” (18 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

In Part One of “Anchors for Anxiety” we analyzed the anatomy of anxiety attacks so that we will have a better understanding of the biochemical changes that occur within us when we experience severe anxiety. We also introduced several important tools which are essential to the effective survival of panic attacks. Hopefully, our increased understanding and our improved tools will result in decreased suffering when we experience future anxiety attacks. In Part Two of “Anchors for Anxiety” we will explore several ideas and tools which can help us prevent the occurrence of future attacks.


Blog #1304: “Relationship Travels:  Unloading the Trash!"  (15:45 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Relationship health and individual well-being are both threatened by the presence of emotional baggage left over from past encounters and personal experiences. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker discusses the need to “take out the trash” on a regular basis and provides specific trash removal strategies.


Blog #1305: “Starry, Starry Night:  Suicide or Survival"  (13:26 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Suicide or survival--that's the choice. In 1890 Vincent Van Gogh, the artist who painted "Starry Night," chose suicide. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker uses Van Gogh to illustrate our choices today and to encourage us to choose survival. During the narration Dr. Baker plays Don McLean's "Starry, Starry Night" on his classical guitar.



Blog #1306: “Self-control:  Battling Impulsiveness" (16:21 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Many people battle with impulsiveness and suffer with the results of an impulsive lifestyle. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores the development of impulsiveness and the types of impairment caused by the unhealthy pattern. In his discussion he lays the foundation for high self-control, the solution for impulsiveness.



Blog #1307: “Self-control: Beating Impulsiveness" (26:22 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Impulsiveness causes breakdowns and collisions in our journey down the Highway of Life. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores the need for effective self-control as the best solution for beating impulsiveness. He provides several specific tools and techniques that will bring improvement in our development of personal self-control.






Blog #1308: “Exiting the Worry Highway" (32:53 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Excessive worry poses a major threat to personal and relationship health. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker provides a method through which we can measure our worry and presents tools that can help us manage our worry. He describes specific thought-management and “letting-go” techniques that will decrease the negative impact of worry and increase inner joy and peace.


Blog #1309: “Thoughts:  Managing My Mind" (32:46 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


Our thoughts determine both our moods and our behavior. An unmanaged mind leads to mistakes, messes, and misery in a person’s travel along the Highway of Life. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker introduces the Mental Gatekeeper and discusses several tools designed to train the Gatekeeper and to keep him alert and assertive in his effort to manage the mind effectively.


Blog #1310: “Emotions:  Managing My Mood" (30:31 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


Emotional moods play a significant role in our level of personal health and happiness, and our moods have a powerful impact upon our human relationships. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker discusses the process of effective mood management and presents several tips that can help us gain better control over our emotions.



Blog #1311: “Behavior:  Managing My Maze" (31:37 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


Daily behavior determines our level of health and happiness in our individual lives and in our personal relationships. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores the contrasting features of the Spontaneous Style and the Strategic Style in regard to effective behavior management. In his material Dr. Baker presents four key steps that enable us to self-manage our behavior in a strategic and deliberate manner. 



Blog #1312: “Image:  Managing My Mask" (26:45 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


The issue of image affects many of our choices about personal and relationship health. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores the unhealthy usage of masks to project a false image for personal benefit, particularly in the creation of Avatar Relationships. He identifies two major motives for a “mask mentality” and then presents four methods of effective mask management. 


Blog #1313: “Surviving Emotional Wrecks" (29:30 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


Excessive emotions that are not managed effectively pose a serious threat to both individual and relationship health. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker discusses the emotional wrecks that are often caused by unregulated emotionality. He explores three contributing causes of emotional wrecks and recommends several tips for preventing and repairing the damage that can occur.  


Blog #1314: “Traveling with Perfectionism" (27:15 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


Perfectionism represents a serious threat to both individual and relationship health. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker identifies the practice and investigates the price of perfectionism. He also presents several interventions for progress that individuals can use to exit the Perfectionism Highway and to enable them to travel through life on a better roadway.









Blog #1315: “Workaholism:  Rest Stop Ahead!" (31:22 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

A workaholic lifestyle hinders both individual and relationship health. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker identifies seven “wheels” that maintain the negative pattern along the Workaholism Highway. He also provides several practical tools for withdrawing from the workaholic pattern and for developing a healthy balance of work and rest through personal stewardship.


Blog #1316: “Living with Loneliness" (34:12 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


Loneliness is a co-traveler with most people as they travel along the Highway of Life. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores the impact of loneliness upon physical and emotional health, and he presents three important active strategies for effective management of loneliness. He encourages individuals to eliminate as much loneliness as possible and to learn to live with the rest.


Category:  Spiritual Growth

Blog 1401:   “Final Words:  Completing the Journey”” (Time: 09:48 Minutes) -  (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Spirituality provides necessary insight and direction to one’s journey through life, influencing both individual well-being and relationship health. In this blog audio version Dr. Bill Baker explores the impact of our spirituality and current lifestyle upon our final words at the completion of our life’s journey.


Blog 1402:   “Compelled by Compassion” (Time: 25:42 Minutes) -  (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Mutual compassion is a key ingredient in any healthy human relationship. Compassion also promotes positive mental health and emotional well-being. This audio presentation is a lesson that Dr. Bill Baker presented when he was invited to serve as a guest speaker for his home church on July 24, 2011. In his material he describes Jesus as the Master Model for compassion, and he explores a Christian-oriented approach to the growth and application of compassion.


​Category:  Miscellenous Topics

Blog #1501:  “Traveling the Tension Highway” (Time: 5:30 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Unmanaged tension poses a serious threat or roadblock to personal and relationship health. Many people struggle with anger or tension management, and because of that problem they continue to hinder and hurt their personal health and/or their human relationships. In this audio presentation Dr. Baker provides some helpful tips and resources for the reduction of tension and for safer travels in your relationship journeys.  


Blog #1502:  “Suffering on the Hardship Highway" (Time: 20:00 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Every person encounters hardship and experiences suffering throughout life. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores the need for a personal roadmap to help us survive our travels along “The Hardship Highway.” He discusses causes of hardship and describes the development of competency and character through the use of the “Four R’s” and other tools. His insights will help individuals who are suffering hardships to become better instead of bitter.  


Blog #1503:  “Humor and Health:  How's Your Laugh Life?" (Time: 20:35 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


Humor and health are closely related. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores the beneficial impact of positive humor upon physical, emotional, and relationship health. He also provides several strategies for harnessing humor for daily use to promote both individual and relationship health.  


Blog #1504: “Healthy Finances:  Overcoming Our Overspending?" (Time: 31:50 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


Financial overspending continues to threaten our individual and family health. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker uses a CASH plan to explore four key components to help us overcome our overspending. The solution to financial health is not more money but better management.





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