“Three people dead, five hospitalized.  Road-rage strikes again!”

Traveling Tension HighwayThe television video reports a multi-vehicle wreck scene on the interstate. The newspaper headline describes a growing threat in our everyday travel—road-rage! A driver allows inner tension to escalate to a boiling point, and then he explodes. Without thought of safety or consequence he chases a car ahead of him, or he tries to force someone off the road. His unmanaged tension becomes a major threat to the safety of every other driver—and their passengers—who occupy the same road.
 A civilized society does well to be deeply concerned about the alarming increase in road-rage incidents. Such a concern is certainly in order. Yet, while we attend to what is happening on our national and state highways, we must not forget that unmanaged tension is continuing to wreak havoc on our relationship roadways. Individuals are not accepting responsibility for their personal tension. They do not learn how to prevent the escalation of tension or how to reduce the tension that does occur. Rather than controlling their tension, they allow the tension to control them. The results are devastating: relationship injury and death!
Many men and women have entered therapy specifically to work on anger or tension management. One man explained, “I’m tired of being dumped by every girlfriend because she can’t take my anger problems.” He had paid a heavy price for unmanaged anger. Other people suffer different types of price tags for escalated tension:  sleep deprivation, health problems, and relationship stress. Their high levels of inner tension aggravate and intensify the problems they have already been battling. An entire family suffers horribly because one family member has had a tension meltdown. An individual’s health problems caused or aggravated by tension produce many ripple effects; every other family member is adversely affected. The tension highway is indeed a rough road to travel!
If you’re traveling in your life journey with unmanaged tension, do you need something better? Are you ready to accept personal responsibility for your attitudes and actions? Are you ready to adopt a new roadmap for tension management? While you cannot undo the relationship wrecks you’ve already caused, you can drive (or relate) more responsibly and safely in the future. Your family, friends, and co-workers will definitely appreciate your increased self-control, and you will experience a new level of personal integrity and peace.
How can you get started? First, get off the Tension Highway! Take the next exit and spend some time at the Rest Center. Try to determine the causes of your tension and then start to develop coping methods that will work for you. Seek professional therapy services if you feel overwhelmed trying to do it alone. There are many types of resources that are available to you. Find them, access them, and use them. You’ll be glad that you did.
While many tension-management techniques may be helpful to you, one tool is definitely worth trying. Find a good personal relaxation program that allows you to relax your muscle tension, and practice that program until you’re able to reduce your tension down to a workable level. You may want to check out the relaxation process that I use personally and that I share with clients who enter therapy to learn tension management. If you’d like to learn more about my program called “Your Relaxation Journey,” just click on the link given below.
Your relationships are vital and valuable. Don’t let unmanaged tension lead to collisions and breakdowns on your relationship roadway. Learn to relax. You—and everyone with you—will travel better in the trip that lies ahead.
 Best wishes in all of your relationship journeys!

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The relaxation program described in this blog is available for you to use. You can find the program by going to the Home page, clicking on Resources/ListofTopics/AudioTravelGuides. Scroll down the Audio Travel Guides listings until you find "Your Relaxation Journey." You can listen  to Part I and Part II of the program at that location. (Or, you can click on the following links.)

“Your Relaxation Journey” (Part I: 12 Minutes; Part II: 14 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Unresolved tension often becomes a major roadblock in our personal and relationship journey through life.  Therefore, it is critically important that we develop and use a workable roadmap for managing our tension. That roadmap is both preventive and reactive in its function. First, to the extent that we can, we try to prevent the build-up of tension. However, some tension will probably develop in spite of our preventive strategies. Secondly, we also learn to react effectively by reducing tension as it develops so it does not escalate to a danger-zone level.

 This audio program provided by Dr. Baker focuses primarily on the second function:  to reduce our current tension by learning and using a personal relaxation process. Part I (the Introduction) deals with several important introductory matters. Part II contains the actual relaxation process. The listener is strongly encouraged to listen to Part I before attempting the relaxation activities described in Part II.


 Part 1





Part 2








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