Are you currently experiencing a relationship mess? Have you hit a major roadblock and your relationship is in big trouble? Are you feeling hopeless and miserable? Are you looking for some type of Travel Guide to help you clear away the roadblock so you can move forward in your relationship journey? Let’s consider some Roadside Assistance.

 Can you identify the specific roadblock you’re hit? Could it be “relationship purpositis?” If it is, I can see why your journey has been stalled. Allow me to define the meaning of this deadly relationship roadblock by consulting the BDCRT.
According to the Baker Dictionary of Current Relationship Terminology (the BDCRT, Version 2005)*, the following description is provided on page 369 under Relationship Inflammations:
 “Purpositis:  an inflammation of the interactional purpose nerves occurring within human relationships.  The condition is usually characterized by increased irritability, anxiety symptoms, and sometimes severe depression depending upon the level of inflammation and whether the condition is in the initial or acute phase.  The inflammation which causes Purpositis may result from one of several underlying causes:  a lack of meaningful purpose, the conflict of different purposes, or the harmful effects of joint but negative purpose.  The condition usually worsens over time and, without resolution, may lead to relationship paralysis or demise.  Medication is not currently available for effective treatment. Purpositis is best treated preventively through the usage of Relationship Purpose Therapy conducted by a certified RPT therapist.”
 “Adult purpositis” is a serious roadblock problem. If we look carefully, we can see adult purpositis occurring within most adult relationships, and relationship inflammation usually creates a mess.  When relationships mess up—and they often do, pain and stress usually result.  To resolve the pain, and thereby the stress, we have to explore and resolve the underlying cause.  In the case of relationship stress, that cause is often an issue of purpose.  Two people in a relationship may be working toward different purposes which conflict with each other.  Or, the two people may have a relationship but seemingly no clear purpose at all for their relationship; in this case the lack of purpose creates the problem.  It’s also possible that the people involved share the same purpose, but the purpose itself is inherently wrong and unhealthy, and the results are harmful and hurtful.   
To begin clearing away your roadblock, consider the basic purpose of your relationship. To get through the roadblock you’ll need three things:  a clear purpose, a mutual purpose, and the right purpose. Without a clear purpose and a mutual purpose and a right purpose, you’ll stay stuck where you are.
A healthy relationship journey requires that both people in the relationship accept and share a common purpose. They keep that purpose uppermost in mind and make sure that everything they do will lead to the fulfillment of that purpose.
Here’s a question I’d like for you to consider. “What’s the right and best purpose all my relationships should serve?”
However, before you can answer that question, you’ll need to answer a more important question:  “What is the purpose of my life?” When you understand that purpose, then you can answer the first question. The bottom line is clear:  every human relationship you have needs to help you fulfill the overall purpose for your life. When both people in the relationship share that same life-purpose, they can relate to each other in ways that will allow them to journey together productively and successfully toward their destination. By resolving the “purpose issue” you clear away the purpositis inflammation. A better relationship lies ahead, and, with the roadblock removed, you can move forward and can enjoy your journey more and more. 
 Best wishes in your relationship journey!
 *Note: The BDCRT is an imaginary book composed by this writer for the purpose of exploring various relationship terms and concepts. The book is not available in bookstores.
                                                                        (Healthy Relationships #102)

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