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"Blog Travel Guides: Resources to Read" 


Your interest in this website reflects your desire to travel in your relationship journey as safely and as successfully as possible. Wise travelers seek and use relevant resources that will help them move effectively toward their chosen destinations. One type of helpful resource is the Blogs section on this site. You can access and read numerous blogs that provide tips and tools regarding many issues that relate to our journey, particularly in regard to our relationship health as well as our individual health (mental, emotional, and spiritual). Just click on the Blogs tab at the top of this page or click on the Read More button that will take you to the full listing. Recently published blogs include the following topics that may be of special interest to you: "Family Leadership:  Who's Driving?"; "Divorce:  The Road to Recovery"; "Living with Loneliness"; "Marriage: When Are We Ready?"; "Narcissistic Relationships"; "Getwell Relationships:  Comfort Each Other!"   





“Audio Travel Guides:  Resources to Hear”  


As we travel in our cars we often listen to interesting CD’s that encourage our personal growth. This activity stimulates our thinking, and the travel time certainly passes more quickly. Perhaps you also like to listen to helpful resources.  If so, you are invited to check out the various Audio Travel Guides (ATG) that are available on this website. You can listen online and/or you can download the files to your personal computer or device so you can listen to them at your convenience. To see the listing of available ATG’s click on the Resources tab at the top of this page and then from the List of Categories select the Audio Travel Guides. Or, just click on the Read More button below. One ATG is entitled “Your Relaxation Journey.” This two-part audio presentation contains a relaxation process that can help you cope with stress, anxiety, and tension. Another ATG is “The Journey through Grief,” a presentation designed to help people handle their personal losses.





Video Travel Guides:  Resources to See”  


Safe travels involve the ability to see the roadway before us. Our vision allows us to see both where we need to go and also what we need to avoid. Successful travel requires that we see relevant resources that we can access and use. To encourage you in your personal growth and in your relationship journeys this website provides a number of Video Travel Guides (VTG). They range from three-to-four minutes in length and deal with specific issues of importance. These VTG’s can be accessed by clicking on the List of Categories under the Resources tab (at the top of this Home page) and then selecting the Video Travel Guides category. Or, just click on the Read More button below. One recent VTG is entitled "Healthy Finances:  Overcoming Our Overspending.” In this television interview Dr. Bill Baker uses a CASH Plan to explore common causes of overspending and to provide recommendations for developing healthier spending habits.






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