Roadmap Development: Education 


If you are a community or church leader, you are always concerned about the health and stability of your group or congregation.  As leaders, we all share a common goal:  we want our group or church to fulfill the basic mission for which it exists. To achieve that goal, we must teach our membership how to stay healthy, stable and vibrant. We must equip our members to be able to fulfill their tasks and objectives. Because education is so essential to the future of every group and church, leaders are searching for the best way to provide this type of training.

One solution is that the leadership can provide relevant educational activities in the form of workshops such as “Growing Healthy Relationships” or “Learning to Listen.” In these workshops (and others like them) we develop roadmaps which can keep us on course and help us achieve our goals. We study travel guides in the form of paradigms and patterns, strategies and skills, tips and tools which equip us to fulfill our roles within the group or church. When we as individual members are enriched and equipped, the group as a whole is matured and motivated.

Click on and view this short video in which Dr. Baker summarizes the educational activities that are available. 

Workshops usually consist of one 3-hour session, but some may extend to six to twelve hours (in 3-hour sessions). Speaking presentations are usually scheduled for a 30-60 minute time period. The topics listed below are available for community programs and for church groups. To get more information about specific topics, click on the links below.
 “Traveling Together:  The Roadmap for Growing Healthy Relationships”
 “Let’s Communicate! (Roadmaps for Effective Talking and Listening)”
 “Let’s Negotiate! (Roadmaps for Handling Anger and Conflict)”
 “Project Prepare: Roadmaps for Launching Children into Adulthood”
 “Helping our Children Learn:  Roadmaps for Effective Study Patterns”
 “The Later Years: Roadmaps for Completing our Journey”
 “Living with Loss:  Roadmaps for Dealing with Death”
 “Living with Loss:  Roadmaps for Coping with Divorce”
 “Living with Loss:  Roadmaps for Surviving the Holidays”
 “Think on These Things:  Biblical Roadmaps for Mental Health”
 “Learning to Listen:  Roadmaps for Effective Leadership”
 “Volunteerism:  Roadmaps for Better Membership Involvement”
 “Adult Education:  Roadmaps for Teaching Adults Effectively”
 “Lifting the Bereaved:  Roadmaps for Helping People in Grief”
 “Family Life Ministry:  Roadmaps for Strengthening Families”

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