“Project Prepare: Roadmaps for Guiding Children into Adulthood”

When we become parents, we embark on a long journey which ultimately ends in the launching of our children into adulthood. For most parents this journey is uncertain and stressful, no doubt due to the reality that we’ve never traveled this road before as parents who are responsible for the launching process. In this workshop the participants will explore four important areas of concern.

1. “Exploring Family Development:  Surviving the Changes!”
2. “Resolving Conflict:  Teaching Negotiation Skills”
3. “Enduring the Wild Ride:  Adjusting to Adolescence”
4. “Completing the Launch:  Becoming an Adult”

This workshop is designed for parents and their children (preferably Grades 4-6) in a family-friendly format. The parents and kids work together in activities that involve listening, problem-solving, role-playing, and skill development. Special attention is given to helping our children learn the survival skills they will need to function as adults. Parents receive the Survival Skills Checklist (SSC) developed by Dr. Baker which they use with their children to assess current skills and to plan for the development of additional skills which need to be learned. The workshop consists of four 2-hour sessions and is usually scheduled for a weekend or for four weekly sessions.   

“Helping our Children Learn: Roadmaps for Effective Study Patterns”
Your child is a student in school and has to study and complete homework.  Like most good parents, you want your child to learn the curriculum and to succeed academically. Your child’s teachers have their job to do, but what about you? What role should you play in your child’s schoolwork? Are you over-involved, or perhaps under-involved? What if your kid has been diagnosed with ADHD or a learning disability? What if he is just not motivated to study? What’s the best way to interact with the teachers? Indeed, dealing with study and homework issues can really become a huge hassle in a hurry! We want our kids to learn, but not at the expense of our relationships with them.
This workshop is designed to help parents who have school-age children to examine several common problem areas and to explore potential solutions (roadmaps) for making things better. Parents can continue to build their relationships with their children, while at the same time manage the children’s school-related issues. (Length:  2-3 hours)

“The Later Years:  Roadmaps for Completing our Journey”
Our travel through life eventually brings us to a new and challenging part of the journey:  the Later Years.  We often approach and enter this new segment with questions and concerns. Our emotions may swing from joyful anticipation to wearisome worry. A travel analogy may evoke several new fears:  changing or worsening road conditions, increased automobile breakdowns and repairs, insufficient fuel, and inadequate Rest Stops. While the passing of time seems to speed up, we fear that the speed of our physical bodies may slow down. Our human relationships could experience dramatic change, requiring new and difficult adjustments. Lifestyles and living arrangements usually change. Many people fear this Life Transition perhaps because of a lack of personal preparation, the presence of unrealistic expectations, or the unwillingness to accept and adjust to the normal changes that occur.
In this workshop Dr. Bill Baker addresses several vital areas of concern. He presents material and provides direction designed to encourage and equip people as they travel this part of life’s journey. He wants them to travel together with competence and confidence, and with faith and hope. During this workshop the participants will explore the following types of relevant issues.
Myths, stereotypes, and realities
Transitions, changes, and expectations
New needs and challenges
Usefulness, meaning, and purpose
Making a contribution to society
Attitude and activity
Marriage and singleness lifestyles
Grandparent styles and solutions
Retirement blessings and curses
Resources and support systems
Housing and living arrangements
Legal problems and stresses
Spiritual growth and development
(Length:  3 hours)


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