“Think on These Things:  Biblical Roadmaps for Mental Health”
We struggle with depression, anxiety, and worry. We wallow in low self-worth. We lack confidence and courage. Life seems overwhelming and burdensome. The stress of living often seems to be more than we can handle. We know that we are negative and pessimistic, but we don’t know how to change the way we think or the way we experience life. No doubt about it:  we need a roadmap for effective living!

 In this workshop Dr. Baker presents a Biblical view of good mental health, based upon the words of the apostle Paul in Phil. 4:8—“Think on these things.” Our mental health (healthy or unhealthy) is caused not so much by our circumstances but rather how we choose to think about our circumstances. Dr. Baker presents a number of vital “thinking tools” that provide an effective roadmap for our “mental health journey.” He discusses the application of those tools to a variety of common struggles (depression, anxiety, anger, worry, guilt, perfectionism, stress, etc.). (Length:  3—12 hours, depending upon the number of application areas chosen by the host group) 

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