Listed below are some of the places or settings in which Dr. Bill Baker has spoken or conducted a workshop. The list will provide an overview of the types of educational activities he has provided. (Note: Dr. Baker’s experiences in teaching college and university courses are not included in this listing.)

School Settings. . .
Clay Elementary School (Clay):  “Working with Children with ADHD/ADD” (Parents)

Madison Academy (Huntsville):  Chapel Guest Speaker

The Highlands School (Birmingham):  “Communicating with our Children What Matters Most” (Parents)

Valley Elementary School (Pelham):  “Helping our Children Learn” (Parents); “Growing Healthy Children” (Parents)

Retreat Settings. . .
“Beginning Families” Couples Retreat (Desoto State Park):  “Staying in Touch: Strategies and Skills for Marital Closeness”

Alabama Council of Hospital Auxiliaries State Conference (Lake Guntersville State Park): “How’s Your Laugh Life? (The Role of Humor in Healthy Living)”

B. L. Harbert International “Ladies Retreat” (Twin Pines Retreat Center): “How’s Your Laugh Life? (The Role of Humor in Healthy Living)”

Sumatanga Singles Celebration (Camp Sumatanga):  “Growing Healthy Relationships”

Television Settings. . .
NBC-13 Interviews (Birmingham):  “Staying Alive in Marriage (How to Promote Romance and Closeness”; “Living with Loss:  Surviving the Holidays”; “Parents and Homework Hassles.” Numerous interviews have been done with ABC 33/40 in Birmingham. See the Video Travel Guides (Resources) for all currently available television interviews.

Church settings. . .
Since 1970 Dr. Baker has spoken and/or has conducted workshops in many congregational settings. (The complete list is too lengthy or detailed to include in this website.) Topics included Teacher Training, Leadership Development, Working with Volunteers, Living with Loss, Marriage Enrichment, Parent Training, Healthy Relationships, Mental Health problems, and a variety of practical and spiritual growth issues. He has been honored to give presentations and/or provide workshops in churches located in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mississippi. He has also conducted Family Life Education classes in Capetown, South Africa. Sometimes the educational activity was provided for a specific group or class within the congregation, and at other times the material was shared with the entire church.
Other Settings. . .
Birmingham Independent Insurance Agents (Birmingham): “How’s Your Laugh Life? (The Role of Humor in Healthy Living)”

Cardiac Rehab “Heartbeat Class,” Medical Center East (St. Vincent’s East) Hospital: “Managing My Stress:  Strategies and Skills for Stress Management”

Grayson & Associates (Birmingham):  “Grief Counseling Services for College Students” (Continuing Education Workshop for College/University Counselors)

Hospice Cares (Huntsville):  “Family Systems:  Helping Families in Grief” (Training for Hospice Workers)

Jefferson Memorial Funeral Home (Trussville): Conducted annual “Service of Remembrance” (2000-2005)

Medical Center East (St. Vincent’s East) Hospital:  “Humor Therapy in the Health Care Professions” (Eastern Health System’s Training for Nurses)

Samford University (Birmingham):  “Using Humor Effectively in the Classroom” (Elementary Education Class)
Senior Center (Trussville): “How’s Your Laugh Life? (The Role of Humor in Healthy Living)”

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