Dr. Baker may be available to speak to your community or church group, depending upon schedules and locations. Listed below are some of the topics and issues he has addressed in past presentations. The talks are usually designed for a 30—45 minute format. If possible, he will try to adapt the material to address the needs your particular setting. Contact information for Dr. Baker can be found in the Contact Me section of the website. When you talk with him about your needs, you can inquire about whether or not travel expenses and/or honorariums may need to be provided.

Personal Growth. . .

“The Fulfilled Life:  Searching for Meaning”
“I’m Someone Special! – Developing Healthy Self-esteem”
“Roots and Wings:  Building Foundations and Achieving Potentials”
“Transformed!  Becoming the Person I Want to Be”
“Somewhere in Time:  Balancing the Past, Present, and Future”
“Going in Circles:  Developing a Focused Life”
“Daring to Discover:  Our Search for Fulfillment”
“Co-dependence Countered:  Taking Care of Myself”

Healthy Living. . .

“Dare to Be Imperfect! – Dealing with Perfectionism”
“Surviving Stress:  Principles of Positive Self-caring”
“Anger:  Managing the Inner Beast”
“The Alert Gatekeeper:  Feeling Better through Better Thinking”
“Living with Loss:  Strategies for Survival”
“Living with Loss:  Surviving the Holidays”
“Haunted by Guilt:  Breaking Free from the Past”
“Depression:  Climbing out of the Black Hole”
“Anxiety Attacks:  Searching for Solutions”
“Hanging in There! – Battles with Burnout”
“How’s Your Laugh Life? – The Role of Humor in Healthy Living”
“Coping with Crisis:  Creating Ways to Survive”
“Adult Attention Deficit Disorder:  Understanding and Managing ADD Patterns”
“Pain Management:  Exploring What Works for Me”
“Single Again:  Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle”

Human Relationships. . .

“Growing Healthy Relationships”
“Let’s Communicate! – Secrets of Self-disclosure”
“Let’s Communicate! – Learning to Listen”
“No More Fighting:  Keys to Conflict Resolution”
“Transparency and Trust: Removing our Masks”
“Finding Friends – and Keeping Them!”
“When Lives Need Lifting:  The Art of People-helping”


Family Issues. . .
“Choose Your Partner! – Keys to Mate Selection”
“Staying in Touch:  Strategies for Marital Closeness”
“Discipline and Kids:  Who’s Really in Control?”
“Project Prepare:  Launching Children into Adulthood”
“Helping our Children Learn: What’s the Parent’s Role?”
“Grandparenting:  Making It a ‘Grand’ Experience”
“We’re never too Old! – Marriage in the Later Years”
“The Divorce Crisis:  Surviving the Storm”
“Divorce Recovery:  Rebounding and Rebuilding”
“Divorce Fallout:  Helping Our Kids Survive”
“S.O.S. – Strategies of Single-Parenting”
“Stepfamily Struggles:  Getting in Step”
“Family Enrichment:  Reaching for Growth”
“Victims or Victors:  Surviving Childhood Abuse”
“Adult Children of Alcoholics:  Still Battling the Bottle”
“ADHD:  How Kids and Families Survive”
Spiritual Development. . .
“Pilgrims!—In Search of a City” (What the Bible says about Heaven)
“Compelled by Compassion” (Having the Heart of Christ)
“The Sermon from the Cross” (Jesus’ Statements on the Cross)
(Note:  Several topics have been expanded into workshops which are described under the Workshops list under Education tab on the website.)

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