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Blog #1320:  “Growing in Gratitude"   (Time: 28:51 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)GratitudeHeartTextMain

Recent research has shown that gratitude has a positive impact upon our health. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores the benefits of gratitude and provides several tips that promote the growth of gratitude.  Because of its benefits thanksgiving should not be limited to a day in life but should become a way of life.






Blog #1319:  “Second Chances:  The Gift of Starting Over"   (Time: 30:37 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)SecondChancesGiftHand

Because of human weaknesses and shortcomings every individual needs second chances throughout his journey in life. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores the human need for a second chance—the gift of starting over.  After describing the special spirit that promotes second chances he discusses the role of grace in the process of giving and/or receiving a second chance.






Blog #1507:  “Personal Integrity:  Reclaiming the Measure” (Part Two)  (Time: 18:26 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Personal integrity is essential to genuine happiness and good health. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores the measurement of integrity in terms of loss and growth. He suggests several tips for integrity growth and provides a ten-point inventory for measuring an individual’s current level of personal integrity.





Blog #1318:  “Cultivating Compassion” (Time: 32:00 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)CompassionHeartTextFinal

Compassion is a quality that adds meaning and satisfaction to our journey through life. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker discusses the process of cultivating compassion through thoughts, feelings, and actions. He provides several helpful tips for becoming more compassionate and for managing potential compassion fatigue.








Blog #1506:  “Personal Integrity:  Reclaiming the Meaning” (Part One)  (Time: 35:39 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)



In our current culture personal integrity is a lost quality that needs to be reclaimed. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker discusses the meaning of integrity and the reclaiming process in terms of two key components: truthfulness and trustworthiness. He explores the issues of absolute truth, relative truth, and conscience as they relate to the development of personal integrity.  

(Note:  The first minute of this audio presentation might be absent; the remainder is fine. Regrets--BJB)





Blog #1505:  “Music:  A Medicine That Matters” (Time: 24:17 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)MusicMedicine


Music has a powerful influence upon most people. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores the concept that music can be used as good medicine that can modify our moods and motivate our behavior in positive ways. In the presentation he shares examples and tips that will increase effectiveness in our individual music management.









Blog #123:  “Relationship Love Languages” (Time: 16:34 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)LoveLanguagesBook


In human relationships people feel loved to the extent that each person’s emotional love is communicated effectively. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker provides an overview of the “5 Love Languages” concept developed by Dr. Gary Chapman. The understanding and usage of love languages can strengthen relationships and prevent unnecessary divorces.






Blog #122:  “Relationships:  The Entitlement Roadblock” (Time: 37:15 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)EntitlementRoadblock


A lifestyle of unhealthy entitlement poses a serious threat to individual health and to personal relationships. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores the development of an entitlement mindset and its demonstrations in daily life. He recommends four steps that can assist in the removal of the entitlement roadblock so that travel on the Relationship Highway will be safe and successful.








Blog #201:  “Senior Singles:  Surviving in a Singles Lifestyle” (Time: 28:30 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


Single adults over the age of 55 often struggle with their singles lifestyle. In this article Dr. Bill Baker explores “The ABC’s” of survival in terms of three steps that provide a helpful basis for identity, improvement, and involvement. A variety of tips are shared that can equip and encourage men and women as they travel the Senior Singles Highway. 







Blog #410:  “Grandparenting:  A Grand Experience!” (Time: 31:09 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Families are strengthened when grandparent involvement is positive and welcomed. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker uses the word “G.R.A.N.D.” as an acrostic to explore five important roles of grandparenting. He also discusses three “rules of the road” along with three potential roadblocks. When positive roles are fulfilled and the preferred rules are followed most journeys along the Grandparenting Highway prove to be a grand experience. 









Blog #1317:  “Self-worth:  I'm Someone Special!” (Time: 36:45 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)SelfworthDoor

Secure self-worth has great significance in personal and relationship health. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores three sources of self-worth and provides three strategies for preserving healthy self-worth. He encourages the use of spirituality for the development of a sustainable self-worth that is independent of personal successes, external circumstances, or human relationships.






“Your Relaxation Journey” (Part I: 12 Minutes; Part II: 14 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Unresolved tension often becomes a major roadblock in our personal and relationship journey through life.  Therefore, it is critically important that we develop and use a workable roadmap for managing our tension. That roadmap is both preventive and reactive in its function. First, to the extent that we can, we try to prevent the build-up of tension. However, some tension will probably develop in spite of our preventive strategies. Secondly, we also learn to react effectively by reducing tension as it develops so it does not escalate to a danger-zone level.

 This audio program provided by Dr. Baker focuses primarily on the second function:  to reduce our current tension by learning and using a personal relaxation process. Part I (the Introduction) deals with several important introductory matters. Part II contains the actual relaxation process. The listener is strongly encouraged to listen to Part I before attempting the relaxation activities described in Part II.

 Part I


 Part II






“The Sermon from the Cross” (Length:  27 Minutes) (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


A healthy and successful journey through life involves growth in all areas of human development, including spirituality. The effective traveler will understand that spiritual wisdom provides insight and direction which are necessary ingredients to his journey. Insight increases personal growth; direction insures movement toward the desired destination. If you choose to enrich your spirituality through a study of the Christian faith presented in the Bible, you will be interested in this audio presentation which focuses upon the crucifixion of Jesus, particularly upon his final seven statements made from the cross. This presentation was given by Dr. Baker on July 04, 2010 when he served as a guest speaker at his home church in Birmingham, Alabama.



RELATIONSHIP TRAVEL GUIDES. . .    (Audio versions of Blog Entries)


Category:  Healthy Relationships

Blog #101:  “Relationship Destination” (Time: 4:30 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Do you know where you’re heading in your personal relationships? What’s your destination? How do your choices and activities affect the progress toward your goals? If you’re struggling in your journey because you’re uncertain about the destination of your relationships, you’ll want to hear this Travel Guide. Know where your relationship is heading.   



 Blog #102 “The Purpositis Roadblock” (Time: 5:30 Minutes) -  (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Are you experiencing a major relationship roadblock? Are you looking for a solution for resolving the mess your relationship is in right now? If your problem is caused by a lack of purpose, or conflicting purposes, or the wrong purpose, then you will find some helpful tips in this Travel Guide. 




​ Blog #103 “Kudzu Relationships” (Time: 10:00 Minutes) -  (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Are you acquainted with the destructive kudzu plant which threatens many areas of the Southeastern United States? This invasive vine, sometimes nicknamed “the vine that ate the South,” is now considered to be a Severe Threat Species. In this audio presentation Dr. Baker describes the kudzu invasion and then explores similarities with unhealthy, over-controlling human relationships. Through a poetic description he introduces you to the Kudzu King and the survival journey of one of his victims. If you’re currently involved in a stifling, suffocating relationship, you’ll want to hear this interesting article and poem.



Blog #104 “Gift-giving -- with Strings Attached!” (Time: 18:22 Minutes) -  (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker) 

Giving gifts “with strings attached” is an unhealthy pattern that hinders and harms our relationships. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores this negative pattern and suggests ways to develop healthier gift-giving practices that will improve our relationships.




Blog #105 “Relationship Expectations” (Time: 16:30 Minutes) -  (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker) 

Mutual expectations are a vital part of human relationships. Healthy marriages require that each spouse’s expectations are clearly understood and reasonably fulfilled. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker presents a three-step process for discussing and negotiating relationship expectations. 





Blog #106 “Unrealistic Relationship Expectations” (Time: 17:55 Minutes) -  (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker) 

Unrealistic expectations threaten the health and security of our personal relationships, especially our marriages. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores four unhealthy beliefs about relationships that generate unrealistic expectations. He provides alternative positive beliefs that will lead people toward realistic expectations and healthier relationships. 




Blog #107 “Relationship Music:  Getting in Tune” (Time: 18:35 Minutes) -  (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker) 

Healthy relationships and successful marriages all share a common thread:  both people are “in tune,” first as an individual and, secondly, as musical partners. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker uses his love for classical guitar to illustrate the process and the practice of “getting in tune” and “staying in tune” in order to compose a relationship musical masterpiece.


Blog #108 “How Grumbling Affects Relationships” (Time: 33:16 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


The practice of grumbling poses an ongoing threat to the health of human relationships. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores this threat in terms of the cost, the cause, and the cure of the grumbling pattern. An effective cure involves a transformation of one’s belief system and the development of gratitude, grace, and grit for personal and relationship applications.



Blog #109 “Trust Development in Relationships” (Time: 31:50 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


Mutual trust is inherently essential to a healthy relationship. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores how relationship trust is refined, rejected, and reclaimed. Special attention is given to a five-step process for trust restoration following major betrayals of trust.



Blog #110 “Relationship Forgiveness” (Time: 32:16 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)

Our approach to forgiveness will either destroy or strengthen the health of any human relationship. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores the causes and consequences of a failure to forgive our relationship partner following misbehavior and betrayal. He discusses several relevant factors that facilitate forgiveness, and he presents a two-step format that achieves forgiveness.


Blog #111 “Relationship Peace” (Time: 26:47 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


Peacemaking is essential to healthy relationships. In contrast to those who pretend or prevent peace the peacemaker prefers peace in relationships. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker describes three styles of peacework and discusses three steps for assertive peacemaking. He explores the importance of contentment and containment to the preservation of relationship peace.


Blog #112 “Relationship Connection:  Staying in Touch” (Time: 23:07 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


Good relationships require a healthy level of mutual connection. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker discusses two important practices that promote connection:  spending time together and sharing life together. Specific tips are shared that encourage spouses to stay in touch with each other so that the relationship can be safeguarded and strengthened.


​Blog #113 “Surviving in a Pursuer/Distancer Relationship” (Time: 26:00 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


A Pursuer/Distancer relationship is a challenge for any two people. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explains this difficult communication sequence and then explores a potential solution through several specific mutual accommodation actions. This information can equip Pursuer/Distancer couples to work toward survival and healthiness.



Blog #114 “Relationships in 3D” (Time: 28:49 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


The dimension of depth adds a great deal to most human relationships. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker encourages relationship depth through the usage of the FIRO-B model and inventory developed by Dr. William Schutz. After defining the three core dimensions of Inclusion, Control, and Affection, Dr. Baker discusses several applications of the model for relationship growth and renewal.


Blog #115 “Relationship Nutrition” (Time: 24:20 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


Malnutrition is a serious threat to the health and happiness of human relationships. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores this threat in his discussion about relationship nutrition. He recommends three important types of relationship nutrition and warns against two types of nutritional challenges.


​Blog #116 “Relationship Litterbugs” (Time: 27:13 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


Excessive behavioral and verbal littering poses a threat to human relationships.  In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker describes several types of “Relationship Litterbugs” including Complainers, Trashers, and Dumpers. After exploring the negative impact upon marriages, families, and friendships he presents a number of tips and tools for effective litter management.


Blog #117 “Narcissistic Relationships” (Time: 24:20 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


The increase of narcissism in our society poses a serious threat to relationship health. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker describes the “road signs” of a narcissistic lifestyle and presents a principle required for growing healthy relationships. Survival tips are provided for the effective navigation of narcissism on the Relationship Highway.


Blog #118 “Relationship Arrivals and Departures” (Time: 25:56 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


Relationship health is influenced significantly by arrivals and departures. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker discusses the importance of “hello” and “goodbye” patterns. He offers three suggestions and recommends three safeguards that can improve the greeting process. He also explores several departure tips that promote the relationship and provide damage control.


Blog #119 “Goodwill Relationships” (Time: 23:41 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


The consistent practice of goodwill is inherent in healthy relationships. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker discusses relationship travel along the Goodwill Highway. He explores the development of a goodwill lifestyle and presents five specific actions that promote goodwill relationships.


Blog #120 “Getwell Relationships:  Comfort Each Other!” (Time: 32:08 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


The giving of comfort is important to both individual and relationship health. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker explores the need for “getwell relationships” in which positive comfort is given and received in ways that promote both personal and relationship health. He provides three principles of comfort-giving and suggests five helpful skills for a personalized “Comforter Toolbo x.”




Blog #121 “Relationship Road Signs” (Time: 29:16 Minutes) - (Speaker: Dr. Bill Baker)


A successful journey on the Relationship Highway requires relevant “rules of the road” and readable “road signs” that prevent harm and promote health. In this audio presentation Dr. Bill Baker presents four important travel tips regarding the development and usage of relationship road signs.  He emphasizes the need for clarity and consistency as road signs are used in everyday relationship activities.




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